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Renew Restoration and Cleaning Service is North Carolina’s premiere authority on all things related to damage from water, fire, and other unexpected disasters. Our team of service professionals is available to handle your largest and most severe cleanup and restoration needs with quality, courteous service and the industry’s best guarantee. We are proud to offer the following roster of restoration options:

Water Damage

Nothing affects a structure, whether it is a residential home or commercial property, quite like water damage. Whether it is a major flood or a small undiscovered leak every area of your home may be put at risk including drywall, carpeting, flooring, and electrical components. It becomes important to take the initiative when it comes to locating and correcting water damage on your property. Water damage does not repair itself, and over time, will only get worse. The longer you allow the damage to go uncorrected, the more severe your problems will become, along with correspondingly higher repair bills. At Renew Restoration and Cleaning Service, we strongly recommend repairing your water damage problem as soon as you discover it. Our team of service technicians is trained, certified, and able to handle any degree of water damage problem, and this means minimum disruption to your routine or business production schedule.

Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire is a destructive force that can wipe out your property within a matter of a few short minutes. No matter what the cause of the fire, it can scorch everything from walls and ceilings and every area in between, as well as causing serious damage to any furniture or possessions that are in the path of the flames. Smoke can ravage areas of the home that are actually far removed from the location of the blaze, not to mention presenting a considerable health threat for anyone who may be in close proximity to fire site. It becomes pretty easy to understand why fire damage restoration should always be handled by the pros. Our professional service technicians are ready and able to handle all elements of fire and smoke damage restoration, taking full charge of the job from the start to finish, returning you to your normal routine as soon as possible.

Mold Remediation

Mold is a very common problem in many residential and commercial properties. It crops up in enclosed spaces such as basements, within wall cavities, or other hard to reach locations where it can grow to considerable size, and it may be a potentially dangerous and costly one if not efficiently treated. Mold should always be eliminated a soon as it is discovered in order to keep everybody in good health. At Renew Restoration and Cleaning Service,. We can have a technician on site the same day you call to assess your mold problem and begin the removal process.

Sewage Damage

Of all the types of water damage you can have in your home, sewage is without a doubt the worst of the lot. Sewage is nasty, gross, pretty much every bad or undesirable term you can come up with, and not just for all the obvious reasons. Similarly, sewage cleanup goes far beyond just removing the water from the property. A full cleanup and restoration job will involve some major cleaning as well as decontamination of all affected surfaces before the property is safe for occupation again. Sewage falls under the category of bio-hazardous material, and should be treated as such. Sewage cleanup is always a job for the professionals, the pros at Renew Restoration and Cleaning Service. Renew Restoration and Cleaning Service is the premiere authority on water and fire damage repair and restoration in the Tarheel State. IICRC certified, with years of experience under our belt, we have worked hard to earn the trust of our clients, both commercial and residential. As a full service company, we can be onsite within a few short hours of your call, ready to assess the problem and begin the restoration process much more rapidly and efficiently than our direct competition. We support our clients with the best in customer service, and we back up every job with the industry’s best guarantee. Call (704) 756-4114 or email us renew.restoration@yahoo.com today to get your restoration project started with a free, no hassle estimate.


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