Easy Steps to Follow If You Discover Mold in Your Home

June 7, 2017 By Renew Restoration
The discovery of mold in your beautiful home can be disheartening and stressful. You may take great steps to keep your home impeccably maintained on a regular basis, but mold can begin growing in areas that are not usually inspected by you or that didn’t have proper water mitigation. For example, a slow leak inside your wall may go undetected for months. When you have moisture in a dark place, conditions are ideal for mold to grow. It can easily spread over time. Before you know it, you have a huge mold situation on your hands, and you need mold remediation without delay. By walking through a few steps, you can more easily navigate through the mold remediation process and get your home restored to its former condition.

Avoid Disrupting the Mold

When you see mildew growing in the bathroom, you may quickly reach for your bottle of bleach and your scrub brush. This may be your inclination when you discover toxic black mold growing elsewhere in your home as well. However, bear in mind that this type of mold can easily become airborne when it is disrupted. This means that the spores are more likely to be inhaled by you and your family members, and this can cause serious illness or worse. It also means that the mold can begin growing in a new area where it lands, causing more widespread damage. It is best to avoid disrupting the mold and to wait for professionals to arrive. You should not attempt to remove the mold on your own.

Hire a Remediation Consultant

Before the mold remediation process can begin, you must hire a skilled team of consultants to serve you. There are numerous companies that offer remediation services in the local area, but we are the trusted company that provides reliable results quickly. While our primary focus is on quality through the use of our proven techniques, we also work diligently so that the work can be completed promptly. All effort is made to restore the home right away so that life can return to normal for your family soon.

Schedule a Mold Test

The first step in the mold remediation process is to test the home for mold. You may have very visible signs of mold, but you may also have other affected areas that are not yet visible to you. Perhaps you have not seen mold, but you suspect that it is present. A mold test tells the remediation experts where all of the mold is located as well as what types of mold are present in the home. This step is critical to achieving the best results from the remediation process.

Watch the Remediation Team in Action

As soon as the results of the mold test are available, the remediation team will schedule a service date and time that works well with your schedule. They will quickly contain the affected area so that growth cannot spread throughout the home. Then, they will take steps to kill the mold and to remove it. Any damaged areas of the home will also be restored during the remediation process. Mold remediation can seem stressful and complicated initially, but you can see that there are very simple and easy steps that you can walk through to restore your home. The remediation process begins when you select and hire a crew to help you. We are available to visit your home and to complete the mold test soon. Call our office now to request an appointment for a mold test.  

Mold Removal Is Essential In Charlotte NC

April 17, 2017 By Renew Restoration
Mold remediation in your home or office is a simple DIY project but if the mold has escaped the surface and got into your carpets and ceiling, you ought to hire an expert mold removal Charlotte contractor. There are several contractors out who claim to offer the best mold remediation services only to disappoint you when contracted to do the job. Here are tips on how to choose the best professional to get the job done perfectly the first time.

Insured And Bonded

Make certain that the experts you contact are insured so as to avoid lawsuits in case one of them gets injured on the job. A credible company should have liability coverage for mold. There are several contractors who claim to say they are mold remediation experts but don’t have insurance coverage that specifies mold removal coverage. You should avoid such contractors because they are carrying a wrong license that doesn’t cover mold remediation liabilities.

Certifications And Licensing

Check the certifications and licensing of the candidate that you choose for your mold removal project. The company should show you a certificate from The Institute of Inspection, and Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This certificate shows that the company has technicians who have not only been trained for mold removing projects but also tested and approved. Check with your local Licensing Board to be certain that the company is also licensed.

Work Ethics

A legitimate mold remediation company should provide you with the mold cleanup protocol that shows the details of how the project will be executed. Moreover, you only work with a reputable company that doesn’t have a bad history in mold removal Charlotte. You will trust these technicians with the belongings in your home or office, and if they are not trustworthy, you might lose some valuables in your home. An established company will appoint a third party to do the clearance once the job has been completed. A company that believes in its expertise can’t allow the same people who did the mold removal to give you a clearance check because that will show a conflict of interest. In fact, the company should allow you the option of getting someone else to check the job done.


If you want to get good value for your money, you ought to settle for professionals who have been offering mold remediation in Charlotte services for years. An experienced mold removing company will not leave a lot of clutter, scrapings, and scratches on your surfaces when removing the mold. At this stage, the company should tell you about the type of techniques and machinery they will utilize in removing the mold. Established contractors will confidently and willingly show you the latest technology in the market and perhaps how they intend to approach the removal. The company should also tell you whether it will encapsulate or physically remove the entire mold from your property.


Ask for references from previous clients. A company that hesitates in giving you its list of previous customers is a red flag that you should skip and continue with your search. Confident and legitimate mold removing service providers will gladly give you a long list of satisfied clients who have been keeping them in business. Contact us today to give you a good quotation and a guarantee of executing a perfect project of removing the mold on your property completely. Call us at (704) 756-4114

Why You Need To Handle Water Damage Quickly in Charlotte NC

March 23, 2017 By Renew Restoration
While water is a necessity, it can be a very damaging force for homeowners to contend with. Ideally, water will be easily accessible upon demand in the home, such as through your faucets and water-based appliances, for convenience with everyday living activities. However, plumbing leaks, a damaged roof, broken appliances and even a significant rain storm can cause water damage in the home. Water restoration Charlotte NC is often required to repair the damage that has been left behind by the water. If you need water restoration work completed in your home, think about these points as you decide what the best course of action is for the care of your property.

What Can Happen If You Do Not Respond Quickly

Timing is critical when dealing with a water restoration issue, and there are a few reasons why this is the case. First, your family may not be able to live comfortably in the home until the damage has been addressed. Second, your home’s condition and value are at stake. Water damage can result in deterioration, warping, rotting, staining and other issues, and it can even cause mold to grow throughout the home. As you can see, you need to respond quickly to a water issue. The initial step to take is to stop the flow of water into the home, such as by adjusting the main water valve if you have a plumbing issue. You can then contact a repair professional to address the source of the water issue. Your next step should be to call us for water restoration Charlotte NC.

What the Home Restoration Process Entails

When you gaze at the damage prevalent throughout your home, you may feel overwhelmed by the monumental restoration task in front of you. However, the right restoration team can quickly restore the home on your behalf. The initial step involves pulling water out of the home, and this is done with water extraction equipment. Dehumidifiers will be placed in various areas of the home after the standing water has been removed, and these fans will dry out the home. Restoration work can begin once this step has been completed. The home restoration process includes deodorization and intensive cleaning, replacing damaged materials and more. The restoration team will salvage the items that can be restored or cleaned, and they will use quality materials to make replacements.

Why Choose Renew Restoration and Cleaning Service

As your preferred and trusted restoration team in Charlotte, you can always expect great things from us. Our skilled and well-trained crew will provide you with friendly service while working in expedited fashion to generate the results you desire without delay. Our initial focus is on arriving at your home quickly. We will get right to work removing the water and drying out the home to minimize the impact of water damage and to reduce the risk of mold growth. We understand the importance of quality craftsmanship when restoring your home, and we strive for excellence in all that we do. Whether your home has been damaged by a flood from a severe storm or you are contending with water damage from other issues, you want to see fast, quality results in your home. Your family’s life may not be normal until your home is restored, and you may also be concerned about property value and condition. When you want to see exceptional results without delay, we are the company to reach out to. Contact our office today to set up an appointment for the initial water extraction effort, and we will arrive shortly to begin working on your home.

Choosing the Right Water Damage Services in Charlotte NC

By Renew Restoration
In the aftermath of a natural disaster, or property destruction caused by fire and other types of accidents, expert assistance from companies providing water damage services may be needed to restore the property back to its ideal state. After disaster strikes the home or business, professionals providing water damage services Charlotte NC can help residential and commercial property owners address the issue in no time. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification or IICRC has identified a set of criteria for restoring water damaged areas as well as for training professionals in the field. As a standard, the IICRC guidelines differentiate the types of liquid material involved in the disaster as well as the categories of water damage. Water damage, according to the IICRC, may be caused by liquid coming from a sanitary or clean source such as a leaking faucet, roof or busted water pipes. It could also be caused by gray water such as those coming from a washing machine and other sources. This type of liquid may contain a variety of contaminants which could harbor dangerous microorganisms when left unaddressed for quite some time. Blackwater falls into the third category, which includes wastewater overflows which contain pathogens and contaminants that can cause sickness and environmental issues. The level of water damage varies on the extent of destruction to the property. The easiest level to address involves damage to only a limited area or space. But the worst level involves extensive destruction, covering an entire room, including carpeting, appliances, and other materials with low permeability rate such as stone and tile. Mold growth could appear after the occurrence of water damage. Aside from the unsettling odor and property damage, mold spores bring potential health hazards and illnesses to the property residents. Without the proper professional water damage services, occupants risk exposure to microorganisms that can cause different types of respiratory illnesses.

Why Choose Renew Restoration and Cleaning Service

Choosing the right company offering water damage services Charlotte NC ensures complete restoration of the property to expected standards. Renew Restoration and Cleaning Service’s team of professionals is certified to provide comprehensive assistance to residential and commercial property owners. Leaving no time wasted, our certified restoration professionals provide expedited service to customers during emergency situations. Utilizing modern technology and equipment such as industrial pumps and probes, our professionals immediately get down to work incorporating advanced techniques for liquid removal, leak source identification, area disinfection, and dehumidification. With the right set of skills and armed with years of experience, our team of professionals can turn a home or business affected by water damage back into a habitable and comfortable space. Timely professional service also prevents potential long-term property damage and additional costs to the owner.

Water Damage Repair In Charlotte NC: A Brief Overview

March 22, 2017 By Renew Restoration
Charlotte NC individuals who own residential or commercial property should know that being prepared to handle water damage issues is important. This is the case for many reasons, including the fact that resolving the issues quickly and correctly can help prevent extensive, costly damages. Learn more about the world of water damage and water damage repair by reviewing the short outline prepared below:

Water Damage Basics

There are numerous causes for water damage on a residential or commercial property. Some of them include:

Why Finding A Water Damage Repair Company Is Important

Once you realize that your personal or professional property has been impacted by water damage, you need to call Renew Restoration and Cleaning Service for water damage repair Charlotte NC. If you don’t, you could experience a wide range of unwanted outcomes. One of them is mold. Unfortunately, mold thrives in the wet environment created by water damage. If you don’t have your property cleaned and restored by a team of industry experts, you and your loved ones could experience a wide range of health symptoms resulting from the presence of mold. Some of them might include: Another reason that finding the right water damage repair Charlotte NC company is important results from the fact that your property may experience structural damage. If this happens and you fail to have the property examined by a team of water damage experts, an entire region of the home or office could collapse.

Why You Should Never Do A DIY Project

In some cases, a residential or commercial property owner might think about completing the water damage repair process on their own. Don’t commit this error. Attempting to do a DIY project is problematic for many reasons. First, most people do not possess the industry knowledge and experience necessary to address the specific issues that result from water damage. Also note that the majority of the public does not have access to the equipment that is used to complete the various steps of the repair process. Another reason that you should not complete the repair process on your own results from the fact that you likely lack information regarding the health and safety hazards that result from the water damage. As such, you could make yourself vulnerable to illness or injury in completing repair processes on your own.

What Does The Repair Process Involve?

There are typically a wide range of steps in the repair process. Ultimately, the steps taken will be contingent upon your unique commercial or residential situation. However, some of the services the water damage team will typically offer include:

Why Choose Renew Restoration and Cleaning Service

When you start looking for the right water damage company, be sure to keep the professionals of Renew Restoration and Cleaning Service in mind. This step is important because Renew Restoration and Cleaning Service is known for offering excellent, expedient services that work. All of the company’s professionals are licensed and certified. They also possess the extensive knowledge and experience necessary to complete each repair process quickly and correctly.

Don’t Delay: Address Water Damage Today!

If you’re a commercial or residential property owner who wants to keep your space in great condition, remember that knowing what to do in the event that you have a water damage issue is important. You can use the information and advice outlined above to ensure that your property is restored with speed and skill!

Top 5 Water Damage Recovery Tricks Every Kings Mountain NC Resident Must Know

March 21, 2017 By Renew Restoration
It is very true to say that water is life. We use it in our daily activities and without it, life becomes miserable and unbearable. Despite its importance, water can be very disastrous if we do not take control of it. It can destroy so many valuable properties within a very short time. Such incidents of water damage are usually brought about by natural cause such as heavy rains and flooding, broken water pipes, sewage and basement water. You do not have to worry now, because water damage Kings Mountain NC recovery companies will help you get back on track sooner. So let’s have a look at some of the services on offer.

Basement Water Problems

The basement is a hidden place and this is the place you will keep your valuables whenever you are not in a hurry to use them. But occasionally, during wet season, water seeps under the basement and it can damage your valuable silently without any alarm. Additionally, mold and mildew thrive in such moist condition further creating a health hazard. Our company has the right expertise and equipment to deal with such conditions efficiently leaving you place a clean and safe environment.

Sewage Damage Cleanup And Removal

You do not want to be in an unhealthy environment with damaged sewage all over. A proper sewage is a vital component of our homes when it is in good condition but when there is damage, it is a serious health risk to everyone including neighbors. It is highly contagious with harmful micro-organisms and therefore, it is not advisable to handle a damaged sewage alone. The company has enough specialists who have experience in cleaning up sewage mess and restoring your environment to better conditions.

Damaged Pipes and Plumbing

A broken water pipe can cause spillage of water all over the place and if it is not mitigated in time, it can lead to other problems and serious damages to property. In such as case, prompt response with appropriate repair tools and equipment is very vital. Within a short time the pipe will be fixed and the condition will be back to normalcy. Do not hesitate to call for help because the quicker it is repaired, the less damage it will cause.

Flood Water

Flooding is a natural disaster which happens whenever there is a heavy down pour. There are some areas which are prone to flooding due to the nature of soil. We cannot foresee flooding but when it occurs, the trail of destruction it leaves behind is enormous. On the other hand, you should not be helpless during flood because the state of art equipment that we have can help in cleaning up the flood water over a short period. Flood water damage in Cleveland, Ohio can destroy floors, walls, roofs and it can bring down an entire structure.

In-house Water Leakage

Water leakage of the piping system in your house may be very costly. Your water bills can constantly be on the rise every month. This is water that you are not putting into any proper use although you are paying for it. To reduce your water bill, you need to fix all the leaking points along the system and we can efficient do it. We have a team of plumbers who are well trained in fixing water pipe system so that you can use your water efficiently at low costs.

Why Choose Renew Restoration and Cleaning Service

Renew Restoration and Cleaning Service boasts of having highly qualified and trained personnel for water damage in Kings Mountain NC. We have latest equipment and machines that can handle any type of water damages efficiently and our team of experts are always on the alert for any situation which needs quick response.

Water Damage Repair 101: What You Need To Know

March 20, 2017 By Renew Restoration
These days, many residential property owners are thinking about what steps to take for the purpose of keeping their homes in exemplary condition. If this is the case for you, now is the time to learn more about how to address and resolve any water damage repair needs that you have. Learn more about this important topic by reviewing the short outline prepared below:

What Is Water Damage?

Water damage is a type of damage that transpires when your property is exposed to excess water. This type of damage can result from many factors, one of which is natural disasters like floods or fire. Some of the other causes of water damage can be:

Why Attaining Water Damage Repair Services Is Important

In many cases, an individual who experiences water damage will try to resolve the issue on their own. Don’t take this course of action. Attaining assistance from a professional water damage repair Kings Mountain NC company is important because these individuals have extensive knowledge and experience regarding this realm. As such, they will be able to come in and quickly identify what needs to be done to restore your residential property to its original condition.

What Happens If I Don’t Attain Assistance Immediately?

In some cases, people don’t call a water damage company as soon as an issue surfaces. Yet you should. If you don’t address the situation within 24 hours, you can experience a wide range of negative outcomes. One of them is a mold invasion. These creatures thrive in regions that are wet and moist. Thus individuals who fail to have excess water removed from their residential property immediately may find themselves dealing with health symptoms that result from the presence of mold. Some of those symptoms include:

What Services Will A Water Damage Company Offer?

A water damage repair Kings Mountain NC company will typically offer diverse services to restore your residential property. Some of them may include:

Why Choose Renew Restoration and Cleaning Service?

When you start thinking about which company to call for water damage services, choose ( ). The company’s skilled technicians are passionate about providing each Kings Mountain NC professional with the detail-oriented, dynamic services that restore the property quickly and correctly. The technicians of the company are certified, and they also possess the hands-on experiences necessary to complete each task with skill and speed.

Don’t Delay: Address Your Water Damage Issues Today!

If you find yourself experiencing water damage issues, it’s important to attain professional assistance immediately. Call Renew Restoration and Cleaning Service at (704) 756-4114 now!

Water Damage Services Gastonia, NC Residents Can Appreciate

By Renew Restoration

Water Damage and Your Home

Water damage is never a pleasant situation. It can be extremely overwhelming to deal with floods and other things that can lead to lasting and significant water damage. Seemingly permanent destruction can make things feel even worse. If you have water damage that’s the result of a flood, a plumbing emergency or anything else, you don’t have to feel helpless or uncertain, however. That’s because you can always recruit the assistance of talented and experienced water damage management professionals. A reliable, trained and certified technician can manage all of your water damage problems without a problem. Water damage doesn’t have to be the bane of your existence forever. The right professionals can help you say goodbye to it with ease and confidence.

Possible Water Damage Causes

So many potential factors can lead to unsightly water damage. Examples are broken household appliances, pipe leaks, plumbing system emergencies, air conditioning troubles and beyond. It doesn’t mater if you have a broken washing machine or if you have a burst pipe. Water damage could occur. Homeowners should always be extremely cautious regarding potential water damage triggers. It’s also critical to pay attention to parts of the home that may experience significant water accumulation. These places include basements, attics and crawl spaces. Water damage tends to be particularly common in these locations.

Professional Assistance

If you need professional water damage services in Gastonia, North Carolina, you have no reason to be discouraged. The Gaston County city has numerous prominent local businesses that specialize in water damage services of all varieties. When you need professional water damage services Gastonia NC residents can count on, our full-service company can provide them for you any time you wish.

Typical Water Damage Signs

If you have water damage on your property, it most likely won’t come as a surprise to you. Water damage isn’t usually the most discreet thing in the world. It’s actually usually glaringly obvious to people. Common signs of possible water damage are floors and walls that are morphing into different shapes, the development of mold, conspicuous staining, pipe problems and strange and inexplicable spikes in monthly utility bills. If you notice any of these signs whatsoever, then there’s a strong chance that water damage is the cause. Water damage can be quite a complex thing. It can often lead to significant health risks as well. That’s because it can sometimes promote the emergence of mold. Mold isn’t just visually unappealing. It’s also a substance that can lead to a variety of major health issues. Mold can cause breathing difficulties in some people. There have even been people who have passed away due to extended mold exposure. If you want to control a potential mold situation on your property, you need the assistance of knowledgeable and seasoned technicians, no exceptions.

Why Choose Renew Restoration and Cleaning Service

If you’re looking for exceptional water damage services in Gastonia NC property owners can depend on, you need to reach out to our trustworthy team as soon as possible for more information. Our technicians are hard-working and reliable professionals who can help you manage any and all water damage-related issues without a care in the world. They can help keep mold and other hazards at bay. They can restore your home and make sure it looks and feels beautiful and comfortable again. Our company offers superb customer service that can put your mind at ease. If you’re searching for exceptional customer care, capable technicians and inexpensive rates, we’re the water damage company you need in your life. Call us as soon as possible to learn more and to schedule an appointment.