Sewage Cleanup

Of all the types of water damage you can have in your home, sewage is without a doubt the worst of the lot. Sewage is nasty, gross, pretty much every bad or undesirable term you can come up with, and not just for all the obvious reasons. Sure, it smells and we all know what it is composed of, but what many aren’t aware of is the level of various contaminants that it can bring to the table, harmful agents such as bacteria, parasites, and viruses that may cause severe discomfort or illness if exposed to or ingested by humans and animals.

Similarly, sewage cleanup goes far beyond just removing the water from the property. A full cleanup and restoration job will involve some major cleaning as well as decontamination of all affected surfaces before the property is safe for occupation again.

Sewage soaks into the drywall and flooring in the home, and due to the porous nature of these surfaces, they will require specialized cleaning in order to be fully restored. The last things you need to deal with are dangerous viruses that are retained within the walls of the home. For years many restoration providers would simply clean those surfaces and presume them to be safe, but today more thorough procedures are required, for both surfaces as well as any items that may have been exposed to the sewage.

Because of the highly toxic nature of sewage, most clothing, bedding, and other upholstered items that are exposed to sewage spills should be thrown out and replaced, since this is the only way to be completely sure that there is no exposure to harmful bacteria and vruses. Carpeting may be salvaged if it is properly treated within 48 hours, but even then, the preferred and less expensive option is a full on replacement.

Sewage cleanup is always a job for the professionals, the pros at Renew Restoration and Cleaning Service. It is not something that should be handled by any homeowner, no matter how handy you may be. There are simply too many dangerous elements related to this type of work to take any unnecessary chances. Sewage may splash into the eyes, or get into your system through scratches or other open wounds, and such exposure often means some major discomfort or illness. Sewage falls under the category of bio-hazardous material, and should be treated as such.

Because of this serious threat, professional restoration is the way to go, and our team of service technicians has the training, experience, equipment, and procedures to get the job done right, even for the largest and most severe spills that may take place. At Renew Restoration and Cleaning Service, we are committed to providing the best in sewage removal, repair, and restoration for both residential and commercial needs.

No water damage problem is going to improve left on its own, and sewage backups and overflows are no exception to this rule. Left untreated, the standing sewage will continue to create additional problems as well as present a worsening physical threat to your health and that of your loved ones and pets. The sooner your sewage damage problem is taken care of, the less likely that you will have to deal with long term issues such as mold, mildew, and structural issues. One phone call will have a service technician onsite within hours of your call, ready to assess the problem and begin the restoration process.

Renew Restoration and Cleaning Service is the premiere authority on water and fire damage repair and restoration in the Tarheel State. IICRC certified, with years of experience under our belt, we have worked hard to earn the trust of our clients, both commercial and residential. As a full service company, we can be onsite within a few short hours of your call, ready to assess the problem and begin the restoration process much more rapidly and efficiently than our direct competition. We support our clients with the best in customer service, and we back up every job with the industry’s best guarantee. Call (704) 756-4114 or email us today to get your restoration project started with a free, ho hassle estimate.