Storm Damage

All of us will experience storms and other forms of severe weather at some point, and most of the time these events go off without any long term aftereffects. There are some cases, however, where the storm may inflict a level of damage to your home or business, and when that happens, you need top quality, experienced, and professional storm damage restoration services from Renew Restoration and Cleaning Service.

In most cases, storm damage means problems due to high winds that can rip away roofing shingles and flashing, but it can also mean damage due to heavy rain, sleet, or snow that can cause roofing to sag and collapse, as well as lightning strikes that can cause spontaneous ignition of fires on and around the property. Storm damage restoration almost always crosses paths with other areas of expertise including water damage restoration and fire damage restoration.

At Renew Restoration and Cleaning Service, we are proud to offer storm damage restoration as one of our many services, designed to negate the damage caused by the severe weather and get you and your family back into your home and your normal routine as soon as possible. By offering same day emergency service, we can be onsite and working to repair the damage to your home at any time day or night, and much faster than our direct competition.

Our team of experienced service providers will assess the full extent of the storm damage to your property, and put together a plan of action for dealing with it in the most efficient and timely manner possible. We present this in the form of a detailed written estimate that allows you to see exactly what is going to be happening around your property during the restoration process. Most storm damage will be obvious, but there are certain elements that may be invisible at first glance. We know where to look for these hidden problems and how to address them so that you do not find yourself dealing with other long term issues down the road.

Our team will remove the debris and clean the area, allowing us access to all rooms of the property, as well as eliminating any hazards that may be found. We repair holes in the wall or ceilings, dry out any standing water that may be found in the structure, and basically work the project to return your home or business to its pre-loss condition. If the property has been struck by lightning, then fire damage restoration techniques may be brought to bear, cleaning away smoke odor and soot, repainting walls, and replacing carpets and area rugs.

Storms commonly damage the roof of a structure, blowing off tiles or shingles. We seal the roof to prevent access by the elements and reinforce the strength of the roof. We also clean out and repair damage to gutters that may have been clogged, or even pulled away from the structure by strong winds, allowing water to run down the side of the house or drain off into undesirable areas.

Our goal is to provide first class storm damage restoration, leaving your property in the same condition it was in before the rain started to fall and the winds kicked up. A proper repair job will go a long way towards saving you both time and money in the process and eliminate the potential for secondary problems.

Renew Restoration and Cleaning Service is the premiere authority on water and fire damage repair and restoration in the Tarheel State. IICRC certified, with years of experience under our belt, we have worked hard to earn the trust of our clients, both commercial and residential. As a full service company, we can be onsite within a few short hours of your call, ready to assess the problem and begin the restoration process much more rapidly and efficiently than our direct competition. We support our clients with the best in customer service, and we back up every job with the industry’s best guarantee. Call (704) 756-4114 or email us today to get your restoration project started with a free, ho hassle estimate.